Sunglasses, reads, and we’ll tie it together with running

I mentioned this Grantland article introducing me to Marc Maron‘s podcast WTF a few weeks ago with great enthusiasm and a sense of discovery. Never being the popular kid or first to the show it took me a minute to realize that if Grantland wrote an article about the podcast, I was late to the WTF podcast party. (In middle school my dad tried to convince me that knit stocking caps with the fuzzy balls on top were cool, or I could ‘make my own cool.’ The bully’s fist on the bus told me otherwise on both accounts.)


I made it to the party.

The benefit of being so far late to the Maron bandwagon is a crap load of episodes to listen to. And listen I have — in my car, at the gym, lounging by the pool.  I’ve adsorbed myself so much into the podcast that I want to cuss like a sailor and share uncomfortable revelations about myself with everyone, both of which happen often on WTF. And I’ve learned to appreciate the lives of many a comedian — Paula Poundstone, Craig Ferguson, Donnell Rawlings to name few.

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m on this writing roll, sharing this love for WTF, other than I like good stuff and like to share good stuff I come across. Plus, (sharing the running tie-in here) I’m just overjoyed to know I will have something new to listen to on those long sweaty runs when marathon conditioning picks back up starting this Tuesday.

In other news

I finished Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I love the book. I hate that it is the beginning of a series, a series that started in 2011, which means it’ll probably be a while before book two arrives. I hate waiting, for anything. I live so much of my life on impulse and obsession  (thus the love for and counter-balance of the discipline and slow play of running and training), so remembering to circle back and look for Ransom Riggs’ second book will be torture. I prefer to find my great pop culture obsessions either deep into a run, or  being done. That way I can absorb the whole  in one or two very long sittings.

Anyway, Miss Peregrine. If you love books that confirm the wonders of quirkiness, oddities, and peculiarities of certain types of people (plus pseudo-superpowers) then I’d recommend it. Riggs also does a great job of incorporating found photos to illustrate the narrative. Really.

I only hope the next book on my immediate reading list, tales of the MADMAN underground by John Barnes, lives up to the promise of its first few pages. And I’m promising myself to read an actual adult, thinking novel next, or at least one that isn’t found in the ‘teen read’ section of your local library.

Beyond that, I swam on Sunday, plan a good run on Monday, and start the training group again Tuesday night.

And I bought some sunglasses I really like. I have a sneaking suspicion though they are women’s sunglasses. I plan to keep wearing them though until someone points it out and then I’ll play it off as one of those cool hipster, urban things (guy’s wearing girl’s sunglasses), which of course I couldn’t actually pull of in a hundred years, being uncool and tragically not hip.

Thoughts? Girl glasses?


2 thoughts on “Sunglasses, reads, and we’ll tie it together with running

  1. I hate waiting for Miss Peregrine too. I finished it and was like OKAY WHERE’S THE NEXT ONE. By the time I finally read Hunger Games all three were out so that was easy, I just ran to Target. It’s a shame I didn’t just wait and read the Miss Peregrine books all at once. I do wonder what the title of the series will be though.

    • I do too Cassie. When I began the book I kept thinking it was taking a while to develop and reach a conclusion. Then I realized what was happening and was dismayed, like I’d been tricked. Oh well.

      So, I have to ask, being such a well read person (I love your blog and its name), what might my next read be? Suggestions?

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