Wedding photography

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I was nervous as all get out when I was asked to shoot pictures for a friend’s wedding. I never did this before. I do not have a truly high-end camera and I only had a vague notion of what to do once the wedding came around.

Luckily I went to enough weddings (and had one of my own long ago) that I was able to wing most of what I thought the bride and groom might expect.

I am still in the midst of editing images, but the newly married couple like what they’ve seen so far. Thank goodness.

Of course there is a million things I’m already considering in how I can improve any future shoot opportunities. The first is creating a list of must capture images and to be a little more “in charge” when taking group photos.

Hopefully I will get that next opportunity. What do you think? Where might I improve? Have you had a similar experience?


4 thoughts on “Wedding photography

    • Thank you. I love capturing photos that aren’t posed or planned. They are always my favorite to take. I’m also glad you commented. I like what I read on your blog.

    • Thank you. Just skimmed your blog and plan to go back. Loved the photos of the dragons in the park. I know what you mean about the disappearing items of our childhoods. Great words to go along with some fantastic pictures.

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