Run and read 5.29

Man, have you ever found yourself in one of those spaces where your body just screams for sleep and more sleep? Yawns defined my Tuesday. I went to bed relatively early and still woke up late.

I dragged my ass to the gym, where I ran 5 miles on the treadmill. I started out slooowww and then picked it up a bit when a running buddy showed up on the treadmill next to me and goaded me.

After that I picked up a kid I mentor for three games of bowling. I wanted to sleep. Instead, I was slightly amused by my company. He must have tried four different bowling balls, three different stances, and two different pair of bowling shoes. The kid is 13.

I’m not that good of a bowler myself, but I refuse to just let him just win. He’s done it a couple of times, fair and square. When he doesn’t I always make it a focus of setting personal goals and improving his own game as a a matter of personal pride and congratulate him on a good frame or high score. Of course, being 13 he still tries to beat me.

Hence his constant equipment change ups.  He’s testing the waters. He’s looking for the easiest way to improve and skunk me.

When he makes a strike or a spare he’ll stick with whatever ball or shoe he has for a few frames.  I think we all do it to a degree. I have done the same with shoes, or shorts, or what I ate for breakfast when I run. Observing his behavior reminds me that mostly it is persistence and practice and really wanting to improve over time that matters. You aren’t going to find that in a pair of shoes or different bowling ball.

After dropping the kid off and dinner with my mom I finally  went down for a short nap before browsing the web for my own personal inspirations and reads.

Bevan Docherty – Super-human Triathlon Sprint Finish

First up, inspiration.  I came across this video via Have you seen it? Amazing, and surprising performance by a tri-athlete in 2005 caught on video (with some inspirational music addded). I love to be surprised and inspired. I wish I could juice a run at the end the way these guys do in the video. Oh to be the best of the best.

NPPA: Best of Photojournalism 2012

And speaking of the best, this website was shown to me by a photography professor I went to college with. I love excellent images by master photographers. (Perhaps today was all about refueling in my sleepy headed mode for a more productive tomorrow?)

I’ve flipped through a fraction of this gallery, but must say the images of Ross Taylor, 2012 photojournalist of the year for large markets, are quite stirring. His images from Afghanistan are raw and powerful.

5 Absurd Sci-Fi Scenarios Science is Actually Working On

And jumping for the inspiring to the well . . . What can I say? I am a nerd and a sci-fi geek and sometimes I fall into the trap of believing I am smarter than everyone else. So does much of the time. I never remember this humor magazine quite being so smart when I was a kid, but as adult more times than not I do find myself reading its articles.  If I could write for one website, either in freelance or for a paycheck this one may be it.

Most recently this article on future tech ripped from the pages of sci-fi caught my attention. As a nerdist, I totally agree that a lot of science seems to draw its inspiration from sci-fi. Kind of cool. Kind of creepy. (I saw MIB3 this weekend btw, and can only imagine the havoc created by some of the tech in that movie. A neuralizer? heh.) I just hope that super-virus never gets released.


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