No morning reads, no run then redemption

So my idea of posting each morning what I’m reading and what is going on in my fitness and world sort of blew up Friday.

I worked until 2 a.m. I didn’t sleep until 3:20 a.m. I was up at 8 a.m. I dropped over $400 on car repairs by 9 a.m. I was pissed at the latter and then remembered the repairs I paid for on the vehicle that was serviced was given to me, free. So, really I couldn’t be that mad.

Still, no morning reads and no morning run either on Friday.

And it’s getting harder to get out there and run anyway because it is getting hot, hot, hot in Cincinnati. Luckily the running group picks back up in a few weeks and then I will feel guiltily committed to running the miles with others crazy enough to suffer the sweltering summer temps right along with me, all with hopes of marathon glory in the fall.

And my rotten Friday picked up a bit, as I was able to sneak in a 45 minute swim and still make it in on time for another day of work. (I was a little bleary eyed. Sacrificed a nap for the gym.)

Saturday saw a treadmill run (again, me talking myself out of an outdoor run because of the heat) and more work and eating. Lots of eating. This weekend is the Taste of Cincinnati. On my dinner break I walked the few blocks to sample some seared pork tacos, ribs, hanky panks, and locally churned ice cream. And if I hadn’t run out of cash I would have eaten more.

So, yeah, after racking up 40 miles a week just a few short weeks ago I eked out 12 miles this week and my carb intake was ridiculous. I feel am bloated.

Still, I have managed to read and plan and scheme for better race times in the fall since the last post.

Portobello and Asparagus Pasta

If you couldn’t tell one of the most passive, yet important, aspects of fitness and training I have to deal with (well okay, besides running in heat) is diet. I’m just not good at it, or more importantly I am not good at planning healthy and impulse control. For any healthy person out there, if I told you my Taste dinner was not the exception, well, you’d probably shudder or be grossed out. I’ve been the size of a bus in the past and it’s why I have to run more than 12 miles a week if I expect to fit in my pants tomorrow, much less next week. I think it’s why I continue to gravitate towards recipes and pins dealing with health recipes on Pinterest.

This meal looks good and sounds complicated and health and perfect for the next time I’m carbing up for a race. This is not to mention that I love pesto. Pesto is our friend.

The State of Running 2012

Finally got around to reading this speculative and opinionated piece on the state of humanity and running. The author delves into rather the popularity of running has contributed positively to humanity and where technology stands in all of it. Pretty heady stuff, but I can see some of his point. Discussions of GPS, heart rate monitors, head-gear to run to, etc. are all worth discussing (and how much is their worth). For a few runs since my marathon I left the GPS at home. I’ve thought of the appeal to run just to enjoy the run, not to plot it and analyze it on my home computer.  How much happier would I be with myself and my runs if I was simply dependent on my gut telling me how well I did? At the very least it’s all worth considering.

WTF, Marc Maron

So, my unrelated running read for the day contradicts the above post in terms of technology. Being a Facebook thief (and fortunate follower of some pretty smart people) I came across Marc Maron. Ever heard of Marc? Me neither, but he does this podcast appropriately called WTF. Marc is classic neurotic as explained in the linked Grantland article. He’s explained as this stream-of-conscience, self-absorbed and painfully awkward comedian with a podcast that’s highly entertaining. I listened to his interview with Craig Ferguson, my absolute favorite late night tv host and the verdict was sold. So yeah, tech is bad, but it can also be good, at least so when you are not moving. Subscribe to this podcast. (And buy flowers, which Marc does a ridiculous amount of pimping for in his show.)


3 thoughts on “No morning reads, no run then redemption

  1. WTF is one of the most popular podcasts out there, and Maron is awesome. Go listen to the one with Janeane Garofalo.

    • You know Scott, i went a year without my iPhone or iPod and my podcasting listening fell off the map. I feel so disappointed in myself for not keeping up. Now though I have a crap load of listening to do, which is a good problem to have. I’ll have to find the Garofalo interview now. Right now I’m listening to the Moth, This American Life, and Radiolab. Any other suggestions I might be into?

  2. thanks Brian I like your new theme of posting things you’re reading about. I always like to see what others read about so I can add even more to my reading list. My goal is to spend 100% of my time on my computer reading… 😉

    I ran in a 15K race last year and my garmin battery had unexpectedly died right at the start. It was the first time I ran without my “technology” since the day I bought the garmin. It was actually really, really nice to run “free” without constantly checking my pace or going home to analyze every mile. I missed making my goal time by only about 20 seconds in that race so it even showed me that I can learn my pace by how I feel without the gadget.

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