Abbreviated run and read

I hope a lot of you are enjoying the holiday weekend. I look down from the nineteenth floor of the building where I work, watching people turn to puddles, and averting my eyes from Facebook where everyone is sharing pictures and status updates of pools and cook-outs.

Though I posted one post on read and runs today already (around 3:30 a.m.) I still thought it would be nice to share a bit of what I’m reading today on my dinner break (it’s six and I have six more hours of work left).

Your post work-out recovery ritual

Writer and athlete Cassandra Corum shares her tips for bouncing back after a run. Her ritual includes the big three: food, stretching, and my personal favorite, sleep. She details the importance, and how much, of each. It took me a while to learn these and I don’t always follow them completely (example: when I get an ITband flare up I stretch until it goes away, then stop. Bad news and I’m starting to learn to stretch more often).

At the very least Corum’s article is a great reminder for me to look back over what I’ve been, and not been, doing. Do you have any recovery habits or secrets you’d like to share?

A New York Times whodunit

I probably would have read more run related material if I had not started this piece on the New York magazine website. I love a good whodunit, so that drew me in to the piece about the dismissal of New York Times CEO Janet Robinson earlier this year. It’s a testament to storytelling that I went through all six webpages of this story to reach the conclusion. I cannot fathom the politics and pressures of sitting where those named in this story are. Nor do I think I would care to. I’m hot sharp enough or ruthless enough for the politics and insight involved to reach such corporate heights. Still, it was sort of fun reading about those who are.

* I did manage a 1200 meter freestyle swim, planks and some lunges before work today, so that’s a bonus as well.


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