Morning run and reads

This is my morning: 10:30 a.m. on a Wednesday when other people are already well into their work day, I am having my second cup of coffee after throwing in a load of laundry and eating a bowl of cereal. I set my alarm and rolled out of bed at 9:30 a.m.

Today’s plan is to run a few miles, fix lunch/dinner, and then head into work at 3.

My typical schedule also includes doing some Internet browsing with my coffee (I spend waaaay too much time online).

Here are some reads I found interesting:

The Magic Marathon to 5K conversion

Running Times has this piece online now on how to use all that marathon training and turn it into new PR for short races. Interesting and quite possibly something I try in the next couple of weeks here as some local 5K’s gear up. I already missed one I wanted to run, the GO OTR 5K because of a little tenderness in my ITband that is just now going away.

5 Minutes with Laura Kleppin

Witty headline for a Q&A with a college athlete who runs brutally fast. She ran a 10K in about 31 minutes. That’s just ten minutes shy of the time I ran my best 5k (21.23 minutes). It amazes me the mileage she and others put in (80 plus down season, 100 plus on season). Then there is the snowboarding and rafting. I mean I need to stay busy, but I’ve never been able to hold on to that level of activity. I just read the article and was in awe. I was also reminded of my wasted youth – smoking cigarettes and drinking and not doing what I should have done while in college.

Bill Murray: The ESQ+A

I love Bill Murray. I was once told I would grow up to be Bill Murray. Well, at least his character from Rushmore. Anytime I can read an interview with him is a good thing. This one is a good one. His discussion of committing and dying and going all out, well let’s just say its applicable to a lot of things in life if you let it.


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