Music, sculpting a schedule, trying to do it all a bit differently, Sally Field movies

A complete weight training workout can be perf...

A complete weight training workout can be performed with a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a set of weight disks (plates). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I get a bit older I am starting to realize that my life is sort of like setting sail and going to sea to discover a new world.

You have your compass. You are guided by what’s come before and maybe you have some idea the direction you would like to head.

For long stretches the sea looks the same, but if you truly are embarking on a journey of discovery, well then, you will eventually stumble across some undiscovered, and perhaps unpredicted country.

With running, I ran; I had a plan; I discovered. Now I’m itching for the next big deal.

Actually, not having something to work on is driving me a little nuts. I watched a Sally Field marathon on Turner Classic Movies the other night. I’m struggling to stay focused. I’m waking up at 5:30 a.m. from dreams of running.

The first thing I’ve started doing is swimming more, lifting, and attempting to come up with a routine of improvement. I like routines. The cornerstone of that routine will be the running group that picks back up in June and building up around that now.

At the moment my days look like this: Monday, running and some light lifting if I can fit it in; Tuesday, hot yoga, swimming 1600 to 1800 meters and chest and back workout; Wednesday, running and arms and shoulders; Thursday, swimming 1600 to 1800 again,  chest and back again (or combination of one or the other with arms/shoulders); and Friday will be more running, short, with some weight training with my legs. Saturday or Sunday will be biking, depending on what I can fit in my work schedule.

Of course, I have to get this all down on my calendar and make sure it will actually work, or that I am doing enough of the right things, and oh, yeah, living a life and seeing family with my second shift job.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away and try to distract myself with some more Springsteen, another kick I seem to be on.


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