Project 365: Day 139 Slacker

I keep meaning to upload a bunch of photos I continue to take. I ran my second Flying Pig Marathon. Some good things happened over the past few weeks. Some loss has occurred. I met some disappointments.


They are there. I want to write, but I hesitate. Perhaps it is because I set a goal of a post a day and fell behind. There are things I want to write, but are better unwritten. I feel I need to get topical again on my blog, or have two — one for my running and one for my photography. Anyone know how to split a single blog into two separate posting pages?

Anyway, I am alive. I plan on digging back into posting pictures and writing about my running soon.

I just needed to start with something.

So here is today’s photo:

And Kay, thanks for the nomination. I’m going to answer your post soon!


2 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 139 Slacker

  1. Hi Brian its good to see a post from you. I seriously get worried about people when they seem to disappear. especially after your marathon I get worried about injuries. hope you are doing ok.

    I’ve also wondered about splitting up my blog. I’m pretty new to blogging still so am not the person to ask for advice. The question is, should a blog be only about 1 thing? At what point is it about too many things? Is it too confusing with multiple topics or is it just more well-rounded for more audience? And then…. say someone has multiple blogs, as a reader do you subscribe to them all anyway so updates all show up on your reader-list anyway, so that the fact they are on separate blogs doesn’t matter. ???

    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

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