Project 365: Day 93 Self portrait

I tried my hands at a self-portrait for April 2. I sat my camera on a window sill as I faced the light coming in. Then I edited by playing with contrast and focus. My face is a bit flush. I just finished an 8 mile morning run before the shoot.

Then I took a self-portrait in black and white. I really am liking the black and white photography lately. All I really did on this photo in terms of post editing was increase the shadowing to bring uniformity to the background and make my face stand out more. (Not sure why I closed my eyes in so many photos. It just felt “right” as I shot them).

This is the most natural of the portraits.



2 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 93 Self portrait

  1. Hi Brian, I love the portraits. I used the natural looking one to practice my retouching skills (found it on google). It’s my first time retouching anything actually. Anyway, I wanted to find out you’d mind terribly if I shared it with my friends? (I have a fb page I share with like 10 of my friends so they can give me feedback on my skills). I wouldn’t feel ok posting it unless I knew I had permission.

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