Photo a day 79 Passions

There is always a danger in committing oneself to more than one big project – a danger of balance. I continue to take photographs, often hastily, seldom with forethought, but I do take them. Then I run out of time to post them.

That’s been the case for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. A big reason for this shift is my other passion has grown in time and focus. Training miles have pick up in preparation for the Flying Pig Marathon that is a short six weeks away.

As part of that, in the past few weeks I ran two races, a 10K and then the Heart Mini half this past Sunday. I set PR’s in both. I stay injury free.

I still wish I could take photos on the run. But alas, my camera is too big and I am not that talented. (A bionic eye implant maybe?)

So, I’m posting three days worth of photos in separate posts right now. I will also continue to post finishers medals and race bibs to the cork board. (And photos of me with bad running face on the web).

Courtesy Bob Roncker's Running Spot


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