Photo(s) a day(s) 72 & 73: Punk punch buggy

I have been slacking with my posting, but not my photo taking. Above is an image takeen 3-13 in front of a restaurant I run past on my training route. Any doubt why it caught my eye? A friend reminded me of the punch buggy game we all probably played as a kid.

The above photo was taken in my basement on a rather rainy Monday. In honor of St. Paddy’s day I present Cassidy, a hard-drinking Irish vampire from the comic book series “Preacher.” Yes, I am a guy who in college read comics (all be it some very not-kid-friendly titles) and “collected” figures. I was very big into the collections culture. I have to yet make money from any of these investments (and to be honest very few of them survived moves in pristine condition or their original packaging). Looking back, items like Cassidy remind me why I probably never dated a lot. A good geek woman is hard to find.


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