Photo a day 70: Road

This image was simply me sitting the camera on the ground at an over-pass and taking a few photos, then heavily editing.

I am obsessed with poor quality night shots at the moment. Still, I kind of like the tracers.


Moving forward

Long ago I found the following quote somewhere and decided to make it my personal e-mail signature:

If we do not try, we will not know.
-Ayya Khema, Be An Island

I forgot about it until I emailed something from the account to another personal account. I can only imagine what certain people thought when they received emails from me with this quote hanging out at the bottom of some text over the past few years.

Am I some sort of New Age flake?

I don’t think so.

For me, the quote is a summons to live courageously; the glory in living is in the doing, not the outcome.

Perhaps I will succeed beyond my wildest dreams if I try something. Perhaps I will fail spectacularly. Perhaps nothing much will change at all.

Any option is better than not knowing.

Lately, I needed the quote’s reminder.

Running distance is becoming routine. I tried. I did. I know.

The mystery of trying something new is missing. Without something to motivate me, I grow a little wonky.

I grow increasingly timid in my life the longer I sit around waiting for some new adventure to come along.

It’s a bad spot to be in, because inactions start easily getting back filled with excuses as to why I should not find something new to try. Not trying leads to more wondering what I’m missing and not knowing leads to more not trying. You get the idea, a tightening circle.

Today I believe we create our own fate simply by what we believe we are capable of and attempting or not attempting based on that view. It’s what drew me to this quote in the first place.

If we do not try, we will not know.
-Ayya Khema, Be An Island

Simple enough. If I find something to try and take action on, whether it be at work or in relationships or new ventures, I will know more about myself and where my strengths and weaknesses lie. And that knowledge must be better than the pain insecurity and inaction bring.

I just need to find that new path which I will take that first step in challenging myself again.