Photo a day 67: Lunken Airport at night


I love Cincinnati’s historic Lunken Airport. Much of its main terminal reflects the era of art deco, and like Cincinnati’s Union Terminal, has this sort of by-gone class to it.

On the occasional Wednesday my running group will start here, run a mile out to a park for speed training laps and then come back.

The above photo was the view we received under a full moon.

Lunken is still an operational municipal airport owned by the city of Cincinnati. Today it mostly houses private and commercial jets. There is a small charter airline and flight school, Flamingo Air, there as well. (Flamingo Air, what a flipping cool name for an airline.)

I have vague memories if flying into Lunken as a child in my grandfather’s two-seater Cessna. It was my first flight. A friend of my grandfather’s piloted the plane since my grandfather only had a license to pilot himself.


2 thoughts on “Photo a day 67: Lunken Airport at night

  1. That building is really nice for an airport. You’ve done a great job taking night time photos. I think that’s hard to do. The top photo is really nice. The black and white one captured Mars too, and I like how the lights by the building are “starred”. great job.

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