Photo a day 66: After the storm

The above photo is what appears to be the peak of a white washed barn in southern Kenton County, where a F3 tornado struck Friday and took the lives of four people.

I was in the area, about 3 or four miles north, for a dentist appointment and decided to venture down to see the devastation first hand.

I didn’t stay long, or take more than two pictures. I felt like an intruder, and a bit guilty for being unable to stop and lend a hand with volunteers loading supplies at a nearby church.

Driving down a road, coming around a corner, and being confronted with what appeared to be matchbook homes destroyed was sort of breathtaking. I grew up in this county. I remember driving out this way for Fourth of July firework cookouts with my family as a kid.

People in the area though, along the side of the road, were already moving on, removing debris, putting tarps on roofs, and lending each other a hand.

The barn on the side of the road, the one I could muster enough courage to stop for and take a quick, awkward photograph of before driving off, symbolized what was left standing after the storm for me.


4 thoughts on “Photo a day 66: After the storm

  1. Wow, so peaceful despite knowing the backstory. I know what you mean by feeling like an intruder. We don’t get Tornados but we get devastating wild fires and driving through afterwards feels so surreal. Good job capturing the beauty and hope among the rubble!

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