Photo a day 63/64: Drag and doors

The key descriptor for this weekend was ‘surreal.’ After my last post I went to work, carrying my camera, swearing to post something before midnight. It did not happen. I did get a picture though of these guys in full drag, pushing a shopping cart with a sign reading, “Cincy Spice” on it. Not exactly what I was expecting heading into work.

In a strange crossing between work and this photo I did find out what the hell these gents (or ladies?) were up to. They must have participated in the Cinciditarod, a ‘annual, wacky shopping cart race.” Sadly, I can’t say I was fully aware of this, but now have a vague remembrance of seeing past Facebook photos of friends and acquaintances that make a lot more sense now.

This image is for March 4, taken today walking down another street in Cincinnati. It stood out because it was just this big wood door among many on a city street made of glass or metal. I was tired. I was not feeling particularly adventurous photo wise as I headed into work at 8 a.m. with little sleep either.

But this door, this door was an easy shot that spoke to me. Doors open and doors close.


2 thoughts on “Photo a day 63/64: Drag and doors

  1. Portland also has a costume cart Iditarod race. It’s totally crazy mad.
    I like the door. Doors are always mysterious because I’m always wondering what’s behind them. Especially how you took that pic because I can’t tell what it’s a door to.

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