*Photo a Day 62: Starbucks

There is a note that needs to be added to this post. First, it is late, very late. I went into work on Friday afternoon and planned to upload a couple of pictures on break to meet the day’s goal. Perhaps the one above, perhaps something else as I walked out for dinner.

Thunder rolled in the distance as I came into our downtown offices. I can’t really tell you when, but it felt like almost immediately reports started coming in hard and heavy. Heavy storms, possible tornadoes to the south. The drama of the actual storms lasted an hour, maybe.

The destruction and reports and updating of websites didn’t settle until 1 a.m. At least six dead — three in the county I grew up in, three others in a county I visit weekly. Three confirmed tornadoes in the region.

And that’s why m photos for Day 62 are just getting posted now. I woke up at 6:45 a.m. Saturday morning, ran a 10K, took a nap, and did this. Getting ready for work again today at 4. So, we’ll see what photo I come up with today.

Oh, and I want lamps like this at my house:


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