Photo a day 58: More signs of life

Our winter is mild. No real snow accumulation. One mild ice storm, on a Saturday morning, to contend with. A lot of unseasonably warm days.

Despite that, with the calendar near March, days growing longer, there is still more of a discernible smell of spring in the air.

After running a nice 5.75 miles around noon I came home to see more signs of early life in my yard. This delicate purple flower rose above the pots and vine in my neighbors flower bed to stand in contrast with the cream stucco of her porch wall.

The hearty vine in the same planter is starting to unfurl and show new growth.

In my yard this bulb made its push too soon with the sporadic nights of frost and cold weather.

The best though, for me, was walking into my back yard and seeing the water maple starting to flower and bud. Never paid much attention to this before. The field of red under a bright blue sky was very nice. Not sure if this and the following photo really do the image justice.