Photo a day 53: City at night

Tonight I grabbed my camera, Aesic sneakers and went to meet up with the running group.

The group ran three tenths of a mile at a sub 7 minute 30 second pace with a minute breather at the end, repeated 8 times (3.7 miles total). Plus, there was the nice 8:3o pace 3.4 mile out and back from the place where we did the sprints.

After the run I took the shot above. I didn’t realize until I got home to process the above photo just how brilliant the spectrum of color is from the city lights reflected off of the water. I get to see this on run routes at least once a week, but don’t always pay close attention to detail.

Using my tripod this was an easy shot to take now that I am more comfortable playing with ISOs and aperture.

Here is a vertical from the same spot. I really like the perspective the limitation in view gives here.

There is a great photograph out there I used for my monitor wallpaper for a while of this bridge. Mine doesn’t come close in terms of color and composition. Still, I liked it enough to share.

Officially the bridge is called the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge in honor of the man who helped start Boy Scouts of America. Most people I know just call it the Big Mac for its yellow arches.

This last photo is a pedestrian bridge over the Ohio called The Purple People Bridge. Any run downtown usually includes this, and usually at the end of a run where the incline up is not fun, not fun at all, but again totally rewarding when you push over it for another run well done.


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