Photo a day 50: Childhood

Today I scrambled to meet the photo-a-day challenge. What to do, what to do.

Spending Friday with my nephew sparked the above photo.

This Snoopy bought at a K-Mart when I was four-or-five for me by a neighbor was my all-time favorite toy as a child.

I know a lot of people finally part with their blanky/pillow/stuffed animal, but after my parents convinced me to give up mine they boxed him away. When I got my house he was in that box of stuff my parents bequeathed me for space in their own house. I immediately stored the box in my basement.

Nothing happened in my young life without Snoopy. I cuddled with, puked on, and went to sleep overs with Snoopy. He was my protector against monsters and the best imaginary friend.

My grandmother, a woman who stitched buttons on pea coats for the Navy during World War II in a factory in Covington (I think), used her skills with a sowing machine to make Snoopy denim overalls and a t-shirt out of a handkerchief when his original Peanuts t-shirt tattered and fell off. She sewed tears, replaced eyes, patched holes with white socks, and did whatever she could to extend the life of my Snoopy.


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