Photo a day 48: Monkeying around

Every so often I am given the pleasure of spending the day with my nephew. He is 3. For day 48 I let him call the shots for pictures.

The images may be saccharine overload (who am I kidding, I know it is).

This morning, after spending the night with me I asked him what picture he’d like me to take. The above is the beginning of the result. In his own little way he guided what pictures I took the rest of the day. I settled on about 10, yes ten, of them. Not all of them are great, but they do have the benefit, for me, of a special sort of photo filter you can’t get from Photoshop. Thus, the epic share for day 48 of my picture project (told in rough story form).

Part of the prep-process to ready our photo subject for the shoot.

The placement of said subject.

Monkey is very photogenic, if not a bit lazy on the job.

He knows how to utilize the light though.

Monkey's good friend and handler was very satisfied with the resulting images.

After this we took a short break, where I thought my nephew and I were going to a preschool activity/show-and-tell event. Instead it was more of a how to be a better parent event. I was the only uncle there. AWKWARD. (Someone –insert grandparent– read a flyer wrong.)

Luckily monkey was there to see us through, and afterward, with temps in the 50s, we decided to go to the park for more photos.

Nephew loves looking at the monkey bars (He's too little to cross them just yet.)

Monkey loves monkey bars too.

He just sort of hung out and enjoyed the view.

The nephew was up to a little monkey business of his own.

A little hiding, a little seeking, and a little sliding.

Monkey and nephew know how to put on one heck of a show.


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