Photo a day 46: Playing in stairwells

As I typed this at nearly 3 a.m. I debated hitting the publish button. I scheduled it to post in the a.m., thinking I’d give myself some time to change my mind. Plus, it feels like cheating, being done with a day’s photos before I’ve even slept.

These photos were completely unplanned and quite possibly the result of sleep deprivation as I was leaving work near 2 a.m.

The stairwell, with its geometric shapes and shadow caught my attention. I thought some black and white shots might be interesting. I also have played with self portraits. I rested my camera on my backpack, set the timer and scurried down the stairs and turned around. I am also slightly out of focus while my surroundings are sharply in focus. Guess I can’t hold still. I kind of like the effect.

This above photo is obviously edited. I like it, I think. I’m going to share another version at the end and I’d like some feedback on which you enjoy more.

But first two two perspective photos you can click on to enlarge:

One up and one down the stairwell. The view up is particularly interesting, in my opinion for its play on light and the shape of the ceiling above. The one down reminds me of that scene from the Exorcist. (Yes, I do see a lot of the photography framed in terms of movies I’ve seen. Guess that’s what makes most of them classics I suppose.)

And for a layer of jocularity, I realized afterward there was a security camera that probably recorded my whole photo session. I can only wonder what the night watch thought of the nut playing in an empty stairwell at 2 a.m.

Speaking of which, here is the less toyed with self-portrait. Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Photo a day 46: Playing in stairwells

  1. Cool shots. I kinda like the “toyed” shot a little better because of the deeper contrast and shadows. The textures of the concrete, brick and road are more profound making the image feel more ominous or gritty. . .maybe a reflection of the time of day and working late into the morning hours.

    • I kind of thought so too Sue, but I couldn’t decide as I sat editing the image at 3 a.m. I always worry about post-editing too much with these. Thanks for the feed back and explanation why you liked the first one better.

  2. I like the toyed shot better. In general I like dark photos better. But in your case the dark shadows set the mood for a solitary stranger in a staircase in the middle of the night. Nice job. Self portraits are always hard.

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