Post a day 43: Trains and fragmented things

So, the other evening in search of one photo I found a potential other just out of the corner of my eye. I went back today to investigate this art installation near Longworth Hall. Probably been there forever. I ran past it at least a 100 times, literally (it is where I do Yassos, or speed training with my running group).

I went right before the golden hour this evening. I’m not completely satisfied with the take-away. I was sort of rushed for time in terms of finding the right lighting/setting/angle. The above photo is part of a mural made of tile and concrete on a wall.

The above are parts of the same mural, different angle.

After not being sure I liked these I turned around to see parts of an old train track, with a couple of cars and a caboose, so I thought I might play with those.

The above is the caboose and a bit of rail turning off into the sunset.

The next to last photo speaks for itself I believe — danger. And the last is the rotting planking on a train car flat with a rusting bolt protruding.


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