Photo a day 40: This hard land

I am constantly amazed when I drive out into the country how many abandoned homes and barns are along the road side. Houses sit sagging, windows boarded over, shingles sliding off of roofs. It’s a shame too, because I can only imagine how nice some of these homes were in their prime.

These are photos taken today as I drove home of one particular property I passed many times.

I kind of find it sad and telling that even the boards used to seal up broken windows in this small house are weathered by this point. The door also sat slightly ajar. I wanted to walk inside, but was afraid to be caught trespassing, which I probably already was.

This house sat across the road from the last. It is quite big, and it takes up your view as you drive around a bend in the road. The town both homes are near is small and poor.

And collapsing barns come a dime a dozen.



4 thoughts on “Photo a day 40: This hard land

  1. Sad, but also very intriguing places…There’s a lot of that around here too, though more of the shack variety. I’ve always wanted to explore one too, but been too hesitant. I like all of these pictures but my favorite is the first one, nice composition. It’s fun to stumble across something like that with the rock perched there.

    • Thanks for the feedback. The rock was the last thing I photographed and I was actually starting to focus on something else when I saw it.

      One day I’ll find an abandoned place to go into and take photos.

  2. these are great. I also like the rock one the best. But they are all awesome. I have always been fascinated with old abandoned barns and houses. You cant help but wonder about the livelihood it once held.

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