Photo a day 38: Eats

I am trying to eat healthier. Really I am. And what I can’t eat, I will photograph. So far everything pictured, but the apples have started to go bad before I could eat them all.


11 thoughts on “Photo a day 38: Eats

    • Great idea Kay. Thanks for the tip. I’m horrible for buying food and then letting it go to waste. Pretty sure I’m just buying in too much quantity for one person to reasonably eat.

      • Apples and pears when they get old I cook them down into apesauce. I don’t know about oranges. When those are old I throw them out. I always buy too much produce too. It looks so good in the store !

  1. Nice. What camera do you have. These are great photos.

    I do the same with older bananas but I eat alot of smoothies. Do it for spinach that is about get old, etc.

    I usually just juice citrus fruits when they start getting old. They usually have less juice, but it tastes just fine.

    • Clay, I have a Cannon 1000D DSR. It is a lower end DSR but works well enough with the macro lens. Night shots can be a challenge, along with certain close ups in lower level lighting situations when you do not want to use the built in flash. If I stick with this long enough, my plan is to upgrade to a nicer camera at the end of the year.

      And it sounds like I need to get a blender and start making smoothies. I love them. Don’t know why I didn’t consider this solution before.

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