Update: How goes that Flying Pig marathon training?

It is February, the beginning of month two of marathon training. 

My mindset before each run is one of caution. I worry some about injury, prevention, trying not pushing my body too hard to keep it from adjusting to the additional workouts, yet making sure I am challenging myself.

After each run I feel good.

Mileage is increasing incrementally. I’m almost up to 30 miles a week. My pace is up too.

The only real struggle I’m having now is not gassing it at the beginning of longer runs and finding myself spent at the end. To combat this I am busting out the heart rate monitor I received with my Forerunner 305 to see where I’m exerting myself the most, and when to ease back. If only i could get the darn chest band to sink with the GPS. Anyone else ever have this problem?

My nutrition is also being reigned in. Less garbage, more chicken and veggies, plus the occassional protein shake.

My diet on run days looks like this:

  • Pre-run: One cup of coffee. Two packs of instant oatmeal.
  • Long run (up to 15 miles): Two water stops. One Gu pack.
  • Recovery: 8 oz protein shake and a banana within a half hour of the run.

This seems to work well and I seldom feel shaky mid-run. I can always feel the Gu kick in a few miles past the middle mile marker when I take it with a swig of water.

I also picked up my gear from the Running Spot, registered for not one, but three races (a 10K, half-marathon and the full). I am preparing to buy my second pair of running shoes here in the next week or two as well.

I keep telling myself I need to pick a cross training regimen and stick with it as well. Lately all I have done is run and the days I haven’t run, I haven’t done much of anything besides take pictures. Running Times recently published a list of easy to do at home exercises I swear I am going to start tomorrow.

Over-all, I never imagined I would be nervous about preparing for my second marathon, but I am a little actually. Now that I have a base below me I actually feel expectations on myself.

As I photograph all these places I run past, they remind me of the joy of running, which ultimately is why I do it.


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