Photo a day #33: Drive thru and suckers

I am not sure how popular Frisch’s is outside of the Greater Cincinnati area. Locally they are an invasive species of chain restaurants with an overweight adolescent as a mascot. That should tell a lot. The restaurant’s architect does know their business though. I’m ashamed to admit I went with this photo over many more simply for the color and sunset. I took it as I was leaving with my cell phone.

The photo also allowed me to share the next photo. Frisch’s hands out suckers at the register when you pay. I was there with my nephew, waiting for my sister to get home so I could drop him off to her. My nephew likes his suckers. I knew he was tired when he told me he wanted to leave it in the plastic wrapper. Within a five-minute drive from Frisch’s to my sister’s my nephew was out cold.

I went to get him out of his car seat when I looked down and saw him clutching the sucker in his little hand. It was just one of those oh moments.


6 thoughts on “Photo a day #33: Drive thru and suckers

  1. we have those but they’re called Bob’s Big Boy not Frisch. The mascot of the scary boy holding burger is the same. My nephew also claims it’s his favorite restaurant. But he only likes it because of the mascot not because of the food.

    • I knew of the regional differences in the chain from trips from Kentucky to Florida as a kid. Florida’s Big Boy burger’s had 1000 Island Dressing versus tarter sauce, which is the staple here. That wikki was interesting. One of the most convoluted franchises out there.

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