Photo a day (32/366): Eden Park

Spring sprung a little early this year. If weather in the Oho Valley holds true, the angry weather gods should soon make us all pay for accidentally giving us a 65 degree day on the first of February.

Still, I will take it. The weather made for a great evening of hill repeats for marathon training (that is progressing nicely and which I do plan to write a longish post about soon) and a walk around one of Cincinnati’s best landmarks, Eden Park. This park sits atop a hill overlooking the Ohio River and city, not to mention the brutal topper to the first eight miles of the Flying Pig marathon ran each year. Usually I am short of breath and cursing when going through this park.

Today though I had time to enjoy the details.

The main image in this post is of the reflecting pool in Eden is from my camera’s phone. Going in mid-day, under full sunlight does pose a few challenges to picture-taking. The phone camera did the best with the washout from the sun. The rest of my photos are with my Cannon.

Many of them have to do with the effects of spring-like weather in January and February. So far, just one ice storm of any real intensity and little snow.

For one, flowers are in bloom and bees are buzzing. I was actually amazed to see these delicate little plants striving for sunlight along walking paths and the bees feeding.

I was not the only one enjoying the weather either. People were walking, sitting, feeding ducks, and yes taking photos. At least a half-dozen amateur photographers such as myself were out, shooting away.

Yes, I am practicing my hand at taking pictures of people in public spaces, though I do feel slightly odd doing it. If I didn’t there was a great opportunity of a mother and father playing with their toddler that would have made for a few spectacular shots. If only I had the courage to approach them, tell them what I was doing and had asked to document a few moments.

Anyway, I still feel more comfortable with the inanimate subjects that can’t really respond, or call me a creeper.

A lot of the images above are ones I have seen on runs, or after when I sometimes return to the park for cool down. If it were not for the strange weather, these photos were the only reason I thought I would have went to Eden Park in February. I wanted to capture the images I had in my head, panting up sidewalks and roads.

I also realize I’m in deep like of the pictures I take and feel compelled to share all that I think are the “best.” After three hours of wandering around, camera in hand, it was sort of difficult to choose really. The basic editing process I attempt helped me limit my selection, along with the limited time frame of wanting to get these out today.

If I could add anything, it would be I hope to develop a more discerning and impartial eye to my work, perhaps find someone to critique what I do with an eye to helping me improve, and continue to see some growth and change. No matter what I do, I try to strive for improvement (understanding too that sometimes “improvement” is more subjective than measuring race pace.

Over-all though, I look forward to month two of picture taking. As I may have mentioned earlier (I’m not really sure I did and am too lazy to save, check, and come backat 10:19 at night) photography is helping me more keenly pick out the beauty and details of place, and perhaps better appreciated where I shoot images as well.

A day like today also puts good tunes, such as Lou Reed’s “Perfect day” in my head, which can’t be all that bad.


5 thoughts on “Photo a day (32/366): Eden Park

  1. Nice pictures! And kudos on taking some candid shots of other park-goers. I always feel a bit odd when I so much as turn my camera in any direction towards people I don’t know. (Or people I do know, I happen to know a lot of camera-uncooperative people, but that’s another matter.)

    I particularly like the perspectives you chose for the shots near the bridge. Your flower pictures are great too — I like the fact that you see traces of autumn in them, as well.

    • Minnesota looks very photogenic Sarah. Thanks for sharing some great comments. It was a great day to take pictures, of people or non-people.

      The bridge is a place I run under regularly since it is part of a local marathon. It has probably been photographed a million times. Nice thing about this photo project though is that it is the first time it has been photographed by me.

      Perhaps this isn’t the best place for a discussion, but what type of equipment do you use?

      And after reading your about you, I’m disappointed I don’t see more cats on your blog. j/k

      Again, thank you for the feedback and I look forward to following your photos through the year.

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