January: Which pics did you like best?

A month of photos. A month of trying to come up with some interesting images. A month of fiddling with camera settings. A month out of 12.

A month of positive feedback and a few new readers. Fantastic.

I’m loving it too, and looking at the world a bit differently.

I am not sure how much feedback I will get here, but I have one request for those of you who regularly come to this site. Could you take a few minutes to tell me, over the course of this past month which of the pictures I took, you like best in comments (simply identifying the date would be great)? I have plans to use whatever day(s)  liked the most and keep them posted in that little photo banner above, and if I make it through a year of posting a photo a day (or more) to put together some sort of photo album keepsake for myself.

Thanks in advance. Also, thanks to many of you for sharing your own photography blogs and projects with me. It’s inspired and motivated me to do better and mixing up my subjects.


2 thoughts on “January: Which pics did you like best?

  1. The Ice Storm (21/366), Work Spaces & Places (15/366) and Gray Days & Family Heirlooms (11/366) were my favorite themes/days/pictures. You couldn’t go wrong with selecting any pictures from those. Great job.

    • Thanks for taking the time to offer some feedback. Each of your pics are some of my favorites as well. I may have a thick keepsake by the end of the year!

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