Photo a day (30 of 366): Sunshine, Sunshine

Today was gorgeous for a late January day. Temperature was about 55 this afternoon and sunny. Perfect day for a few random images outdoors after a 15 mile run. The above I shot after my run and before work. Sky and shadow, tall buildings. I grew up in the suburbs but learned to love the city as an adult.

Then I grabbed a couple of photos of places of worship. The first is an early morning shot of Holy Cross church near where I live. It is a historic white stone parish.

The second photo of course is Paul Brown Stadium again, looking down the road where I shot that first photo, earlier in the day as well.

Finally say hello to the Goose Girl Fountain. Why you’d carry two geese I have no idea, but the Goose Girl has for a while now.

In addition to my photos I have requests for anyone who visits this site and would love the feedback. Any suggestions for future shoots? Where do you get your ideas? How do you plan? Any tips or tricks? Blogs or sites you use for inspiration?

Can’t believe I have actually stuck with this for almost a month. It’s been a lot of fun so far. I feel I’ve learned a lot, have a lot to learn, and am looking forward to more challenges.


3 thoughts on “Photo a day (30 of 366): Sunshine, Sunshine

  1. WoW!!!! C’est magnifique, girl!!Comment enocre une fois te remercier J’ai eu tout plein de commentaires trrrre8s positifs sur les photos que j’ai mis sur Facebook, les gens adorent!! Nico vient de poster le lien de ton blog je sens que tu vas avoir une grosse anne9e!!Merciiiiiis, des milliards de fois.Kisses and Happy Halloween avec tes filles!!Ve9roxxxx

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