Photo a day (29/366):Lights, shadows, colors

Today was a work day. There was no plan for photography. I just stuffed my camera with its macro-lens in my backpack along with my frozen lunch and went. Crossing the river from Kentucky driving into Ohio across the Roebling bridge the sun just fully appeared in the sky.

The reflected morning sunlight from Paul Brown Stadium from my view was stunning. The structure appeared to be made of gold. I pulled over and grabbed this shot. Compositionally, I am sort of shoulder shrug, but the hue given off is nice to me.

Around lunch I went lurking outside to see what I could see. The red and the discoloration of the water pipe here caught my eye. That seems to be happening more often, small details catching my eye. Or the thought that this-at-that-angle would make for an interesting photo. And no, nothing magical about this picture. Of all the things on the street where this was taken, plus one more small detail, caught my eye as something different.

This bit of graffiti was penned on the corner of a building on the corner of 4th and Elm with what looks like a silver Sharpie. I can’t decipher it all, but I liked it (though I probably shouldn’t. Vandals!). The message seems simple enough. And I like small, harmless acts of rebellion and self-expression.

Finally there was this photo of this mail carrier box sitting in this pool of afternoon light in the office. The only reason this did catch my eye was because of the shadows and play of light and darkness. And for some reason the atmosphere created a sense of loneliness, like the box was abandoned there on this island. I know, strange right? But I still had to capture it, though I think there was probably a better angle for it.


2 thoughts on “Photo a day (29/366):Lights, shadows, colors

  1. wow…. that mail carrier box really speaks to me. it really does say “loneliness”. that is fabulous.

    What strikes my eye about the water pipes is not the color of red against green, but rather the roundness of the threads and wheel/handles against the straight lines and squareness of the bricks. it’s nice.

    I always see graffiti that I want to take pictures of, because some of it is so cool. but I always feel like its such a common, worn out, subject, so I never take the pictures. Maybe I should just get over that inhibition. Yours in particular is kinda cute, sortof like “I heart tagging” 😉

    • Hey Kay, you may have a point on the visual cliche of photographing tagging and graffiti. 🙂 It is sort of an easy subject, and one often done, inside a city. You know, I really didn’t even pay attention to the shapes. I’m sure it is part of what drew my eye to the water pipes, just didn’t fully register consciously. Thanks for the feedback!

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