Photo a day (28/366): Around here

Gray clouds finally parted where I lived after I did a nice little 9 mile run this morning. I napped and decided to go out for lunch before going in to work, giving myself time to take and post some photos along the way.

The sun was so strong a lot of images were washed out, but I still managed to capture a few. The first is of the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, KY. It is a pretty ornate structure, especially when compared to its surroundings. Appearance was based on Notre Dame when construction started in 1894. The church was never completed.

I ended up at Mainstrasse Village in the same community where I ate, in the words of Jules Winnfield, a tasty burger, at Zola’s. The Cajun Bell is my favorite with its blend of spices and feta cheese crumbles. I highly recommend it. I shot a couple of pics inside then in the “village before I headed into work. If I were going to say anything about today’s photos, it is I need find a way to do some candid shots of people, because, um, unlike what my photos show, there were people around.


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