Photo a day (25/366): With the fishes

So, I was stagnating a bit with the photo ideas. Day 25 and I was thinking this might be it. I may be beaten by my own boredom because I want to find that perfect shot. I want to do try thing my camera is absolutely incapable of doing. I am often too lazy to get out of my pajama bottoms and out the door, or too busy training for a marathon to do anything else.

Well, today I found a reason to go outside and into the rain. (Gray, gray and more gray weather this week where I live. Perhaps another reason for blah photos?) There is this place called Newport on the Levee where I live. A bit touristy for the region with its aquarium and what not, but not a bad place to visit from time to time. Also, a place where my running group meets up often.

So, before a bunch of rain this evening, and a group run, I took these photos. Pushing my camera to take in enough light, and keep a steady focus was a challenge. So was keeping rain drops off my lens. Next time I need a friend to hold an umbrella for me.

The above photo is of Mitchell Fish Market’s crowning glory, a glossy, metallic sword fish. The below one is another view, plus another fish.

Yes, the outdoor space of this place is sort of, well fishy, due to the Newport Aquarium that is a central attraction. (Best story today at about one of the Aquarium’s ambassador’s visiting Kentucky’s state capital: Paula the Penguin poops on Ky. Senate floor)

The rain was cold and I shivered enough that a lot of pictures came out soft and I worried about letting my camera get too wet.

Still, I trudged on and tried to get a little creative with reflections and lighting.

I also snapped this larger image as I sat in Barnes & Noble after freezing my butt off and deciding a track run would be better than a flat-out and back in the rain with the group I planned to run with later.

And then finally, there were these images, just for fun, as I drove off and to the gym. 


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