Photo a day (24/366): Failed hobby

I bought this small Fender Squire electric guitar years ago. It was my earliest attempt at trying to do something different, to set a goal, to perhaps play one song at the end of a year. Can you see the dust in this photo?

For the life of me I have yet to find the patience, fingers, or ear to learn how to play. Yet, I cannot rid myself of this guitar. So, every once in a while I will pick it back up with the intent of learning. Otherwise it sits and collects dust.

There is just something about guitars that I find so fascinating and appealing. Perhaps I should just hang this one as wall art? Do you have any hobbies you invested in but failed to succeed at?


4 thoughts on “Photo a day (24/366): Failed hobby

    • Thanks, very adept use of comments and finding someone posting about needing music lessons as well. 🙂 Perhaps after marathon training and a few other things I will look you all up to see if my guitar still works.

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