Photo a day (21/366): The Ice Storm

I woke up this morning at 6 a.m. to go for my early morning group run. An ice storm moved through the area over night. Everything outside was glazed over.

I managed to make it to the meet up location and did a nice little 8:40 minute pace hill run without falling on my ass, and only sliding once or twice. Afterward I took these pictures for today’s post.


10 thoughts on “Photo a day (21/366): The Ice Storm

  1. gorgeous shots!! i did a very snowy freezing long run this morning in central park. wish i brought my camera it was quite pretty, as much as i could see through my frozen eyelashes at least! 🙂 i don’t mind running in the snow and actually find it quite fun if it’s fresh and crunchy. not a huge fan of ice though (so i’m impressed with your run!) but it was much colder than i’m used to so i nearly called it quits. definitely need to buy more hard core winter running gear – my old London stuff isn’t quite cutting it in NYC!

    • Hey Claire, I’ll take a run through snowy and cold Central Park versus an icy and windy run over the Southgate-Taylor Bridge in Cincy any day of the week. Actually snow runs are some of my favorites. And believe it or not, once I get going I am also a big fan of the cold. Plus, as a guy, growing a bear and sporting icicles is too much fun. 🙂

      • yeah wind and ice are the worst!!! i had a bad fall on the ice in london a couple winters ago and have since been terrified of running on ice. and yeah…you probably have me beat on the facial hair 😉 i just had icicle eyebrows and lashes!! i think my struggles today were mostly due to a gear fail…next time, warmer gloves (or even double gloves) and thicker running tights!

    • Thanks. Can’t wait to see your take on the Super Bowl. I’d have preferred 49ers versus the Ravens or Patriots than the current match-up. But what you going to to do?

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