Photo a day (20/366): Favorite things

Today I tried, emphasis on tried, to take some detail shots of two of my favorite things. The above is part of a set of clay rice bowls with chopsticks. I received them as a gift well over a decade ago. I tried to play with backdrop (red place mat) and challenging lighting (those energy-efficient lightbulbs above). My camera’s ability to focus and shutter speed, along with a stable angle and surface were pushed as I tried to avoid a flash.

The second photo is just pure nerdome. It is a plastic Green Lantern ring I owned for decades. Don’t know where or when I received it. It’s just always been around.

I liked the character Green Lantern, a normal guy granted a ring only limited by the bearers imagination and will (and for a long time the color yellow too, but that’s a very long and nerdy story to sort out).

Since this is also a running blog (part-time now it would seem) I’ll confess I kept this ring in the pocket of my running shorts throughout my first marathon as a token, or talisman to keep me going during the rough parts. (And yes, I can still recite the Green Lantern Oath verbatim.) Just don’t tell anyone.


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