Comfort zones

Into my second week of running, I’m skittish.

As I keep worrying about potential re-injury (stress fractures), I’m in this place where I’m slightly faster than last year, but not as fast as the group in front of me. Gauging what is smart in terms of moderating intensity and progress versus what is an excuse to not push myself is difficult at the moment.

I’m whining a bit about it and making up reasons to be hesitant.

Last night, while running with the ‘C’ group, those training to run the marathon at an 8:30 or faster pace, I worried aloud about keeping up.

Would you rather chase the tail end of a faster group or lead a slower one?

That was the response I got for my complaint from another runner. I knew the answer. No excuses. Strive. Do what you can, don’t push so hard you are dumb about the whole thing, but don’t create reasons in my head to fail either.


One thought on “Comfort zones

  1. Ahhhh… I know that mental dialogue. I’m a dancer… who has suffered injuries… wants to dance like I am 18 but I’ve crossed that age milestone more than 2x now. 🙂 As I get older, I balance it better with more wisdom but it is always a fight. Good luck in your training.Be smart and enjoy the process.

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