Photo a day (18/366): Dusk

Today was not a gold star day for photo taking. What I am realizing is this, for me to have a chance at taking decent images I need to (a) make the time to take the photographs and (b) plan. Otherwise I just feel rushed and ill-prepared for something that is supposed to be fun.

Today, for example, I diddled around with out an idea (and that’s another thing, I don’t want to become completely redundant in what I do). So, I literally found myself shooting pictures at stop lights in my car and trying to race to this one place for sunset photos. Of course my camera battery died before I got there. Doh.

Still, I was able to salvage the two pictures. Not the greatest. Not the worst. Definitely a bit different from the close ups of late.

The sign is of the new(er) state route that cut through my hometown. The photo at the bottom is just of a random tree seen on the side of the road as I sat at another light, waiting to drive into town before the camera died.


2 thoughts on “Photo a day (18/366): Dusk

    • Sarah, so true. I’m finding taking a photo a day to be more of a challenge than what I thought it would be in the beginning. I’m soldiering on though. Thanks for the compliment btw, and I enjoy your blog as well.

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