Photo a day (17/366): Backyard after a rain

Down pours, flooding, gray skies most of the day. Temperatures in the mid-50s compared to the 20s and teens over the weekend. This winter is odd. I took a few minutes to shoot some photos in my backyard after the rain stopped. I live on a little, aging street with little, old yards. I played with some basic editing on a few of these photos after I uploaded them to the computer.


2 thoughts on “Photo a day (17/366): Backyard after a rain

  1. Thanks Kay. I really wanted a cool shot of the little stream that forms along my back fence line whenever there is a heavy rain. Best I could do was hold my camera down to the water as close as possible and see what I could blindly capture. I still think there is a better pic in that stream. I just need to find the right lighting and angle. As far as the main photo, I didn’t even realize the framing by the blurred image in the background. I’m thoroughly enjoying this project though and like the input. Much appreciated.

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