A lot of pics, a little running

Since I cannot take my camera and run, I have not been writing about running. Oh, new hobbies/obsessions.

Funny enough though a lot of my outdoor photos are near, or inspired by, the places I run often.

As posted earlier, last Wednesday was my first day to take part in a group run. It was all nice and relatively warm. I wore shorts.

Saturday was a different story. It was 20 degrees when we started our 7.something mile run and felt like 10 according to the weather station when I got up at six.

The first reaction I receive from people after hearing about going out for a run in such temps is, “You are crazy.”

Maybe, but I swear at some point, maybe around mile 2, I stopped worrying about not feeling my face. By mile seven profuse sweeting convinced me I over-layered my running gear.

The trick is to not stop running, and to get out of the weather as soon as you do.

Anyway, the run went well. I pushed myself a little too late again at the end, huffing and puffy to catch up with a friend after my shoes came untied twice.

Nothing will piss me off more than untied shoes, especially with gloves on.

Still, not too bad and no real aches or pains from it.

Monday (today) may be a different story though. The guys have planned a 16 mile run. We’ve done 13 so far. Last week was a down week where I did the most mileage I have in a while.

Strangely, I’m a little nervous, but think I’ll handle the distance just fine.

After that, its hills with the group on Wednesday, recovery run on Thursday, and rest on Friday before another group run.

I’m sure I will have more to report before then.


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