A photo a day (15/366): Work spaces and places

 Today I struggled to weigh my options of what I wanted to shoot. The options were limited. I was at work for most of Sunday. As I walked around thinking about this, I saw this, a loop of snowmen decorations and lights around an older coat stand. Perfect. The detail showed up better than what I originally thought when I took the picture.

Of course I made sure there were no professional photographers around as to not embarrass myself.

I sort of challenged myself to see what else I could photograph that said work. There are definitely some character elements to the place if you look around (hence the snowman hanging up). Then there was the red flag at my desk.

It is the one that denotes who is managing what online in the newsroom.

Then there were a couple of shots of the rest of my cubicle. You know, where I spend most of my time.
Wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of clutter, but I do tend to have a lot of it at my workstation, along with a cup of coffee and my bobble head Charlie Brown. Charles and I are kindred spirits of sorts.

Last, as I left the building tonight, after six (these shots were taken on my lunch break), I realized the days are growing longer.

The sun had just settled over the horizon and the sky to the west was this nice hue. I tried to quickly capture it before it disappeared. I’m mixed on the results.

I also have the Talking Heads‘ song “Road to Nowhere” stuck on repeat in my brain.

If anything, what bothers me most is angle. I wish I walked the other side of the bridge over the interstate and taken my shot from there.

The angle for the illusion of driving off into the sunset just is not right because of the source of light and my angle to it.

Next dusk I suppose.


One thought on “A photo a day (15/366): Work spaces and places

  1. I share a kindred spirit with Charlie Brown also. Great shots as always. Besides CB, my favorite is the Snowman decoration. I’m a big fan of leaving X-Mas decorations up until the end of January. Stretch the visual spirit of the season as far out as I can. Just like running as far and as fast as one can…

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