Photo a day (12/366): Rainy day drive by photography

Winter arrived as a blustery affair Thursday in the Greater Cincinnati area. Temperatures dropped quickly, a few flurries hit, and media far and wide were calling for another snow apocalypse that never occurred.

Still, all the speculating had me looking up to the heavens as I drove from dentist appointment to mentoring session to dinner and then to the gym.

I had no plan for pictures today. I worried I wouldn’t find one, much less many. Still, I took the camera with me and left my eyes peeled. The cross is from the steeple of a church across the street of a public library I was at with the kid I mentor. I snapped this between breaks in math lessons and praying to God some memory of Algebra taken nearly half a lifetime ago would return.

I used a zoom lens and shot in black and white since the day was so dark and dreary already. I think the contrast turned out nice.

Then I aimed my camera low. I focused on reflections in puddles again. This one photo isn’t anything special. I just like the natural affect I suppose – the wind and the rippling.

I finally caught this shot, which I really do like a lot. I boosted the color a bit in post photo editing. There is a lot of little things going on in this photo for me. The distortion of the American and state of Ohio flags, the source of the lighting, the dry perch of road the flag poll juts out from, and the thin cracks picked up in the asphalt this is reflected off of.

It was surprise shot of the day, for me.

After the hard work of learning, and remembering, math I took the kid to McDonald’s for an apple turnover. On the drive back I pulled off of the side of the road in downtown Bethel, Ohio, where I saw a fabulous old movie theater sign. Again, it seemed to call for a little black and white photography love.

I still had the zoom lens on. Sort of wish i switched it out, but I think it was just difficult to find a good angle for a picture in general.

I took a solid horizontal and vertical. Not sure how pleased I am with either.

According to a quick Google search the Midway originally opened in 1938, is a single screen movie theater,  and seat over 200 people.

I’d like to see the inside at some point.

Again, old signs, old theaters, all appealing.

Finally, these last two photos I’m throwing in, not because I’m amazed by them, but simple to mark I finally got an in focus night shot with my camera.

A tripod and plenty of light bounced back off of those dark clouds overhead definitely helped. Next time I’ll plan better for location and angle.


6 thoughts on “Photo a day (12/366): Rainy day drive by photography

    • Thanks. I’m glad you like both. I wasn’t sure of either shot when I took them, but liked them more once I got home and put them on the laptop. (You have a great blog btw.)

    • I have a Cannon Rebel XS 1000D DSLR. I use a zoom that was purchased with the camera and the 18-55mm lens the camera came with the kit.

      As far as taking pictures, it just depends on what is going on. I work second shift, so if there is somewhere I know I want to go I’ll plan it. Most of the time I’ll just take my camera and hope I see something depending on where I am.

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