Photo a day (9/366): Dog

For those new to this blog, this is my dog Gracie. Gracie is a 6-year-old shepherd mix. Gracie is a bit crazy. Trying to make her the subject of today’s photos was a bit of a challenge.

Here is why:

I had no idea we’d be doing action shots today and was completely unprepared settings wise. Gracie is typically lazy outside, lolling in the sun. I guess the camera made her decide to show off.

The best photo I ever took of my dog was a few weeks ago:

I was hoping for that great outdoor photo like this, or the one where she stairs lonely down the fence line at the squirrels just beyond her reach on the other side.
But no, she ran and ran and ran. I finally tricked her a bit by standing on the other side of my wood gate. 
She took the time to put her nose through, because she wanted on that side too. It’s here where I got my favorite photo of what may be the worlds craziest dog.
It, like Gracie, just made me laugh. You always have to make sure your subject doesn’t blink as you take your shot.

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