Photo a day (8/366): Rubbish, lessons and leftovers


To be honest, I was scurrying for a photo all day. None of them seemed to turn out right, or too bright, and I realized at the end of the day I left my ISO at 1600 after playing with settings. Who knows how long I took pictures like that. -Meh- it worked somewhat yesterday if I fiddled with setting and forgot before then.

The next few photos were attempts made on the fly and one or two I left out over the course of my first week finished of a photo a day.

A week in, by the way, and I am glad to have started this project.

(The Up ornament was taken on day one of this little project. I swear both characters reflect a part of me — young and old.)

The one photo is of this globe I won in some competition long ago. It’s a touch nightlight with the longitude, latitude and times of various places in the world marked on it. It’s sort of my own personal “A Christmas Story” leg lamp, but nicer.

The last photo is of perspective. It was shot during lunch from the Cincinnati side of the Ohio River looking south. The optical illusion is the far side of the road just seen in this photo is actually on the other side of the Ohio River. This is where that bridge I photographed yesterday was supposed to be built. Local politics prevented that from happening though in the 1800s. Lore has it, that by forcing Covington to offset the bridge (allĀ in Kentucky actually) Cincinnati hoped to squelch growth and competition with its neighbor to the south (which it seemingly did). The bridge is located to the left of this view.


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