Photo a day (7): Sunrise

I left for work a bit early this morning, just so I could make it to the Ohio River at sunrise. The photo above is why I love running bridges early. Nothing will put you in a better mood, or distract you if you are grinding out miles, than seeing the city (or road ahead) cast in the light of the sun breaking over a hill.

The place I chose to take today’s pictures is a symbol for the region, and a bit of a cliché. If you watch a sports cast from Cincinnati, Ohio you will more than likely see a shot of the John A. Roebling Bridge that spans from Covington, Ky. to Cincinnati where it terminates between the Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium.

As a kid I remember many walks across this bridge to see Reds’ games in the summer at the now gone Riverfront Stadium.

For January the weather was pretty mild to get out and take photos. I ended up getting a few good shots and watched a lot of runners out doing their morning routes.

Over-all it wasn’t a bad way to begin a day and there were many photo worthy opportunities.

I used a macro lens and a zoom lens I received with the camera. I played with some setting, worked a couple decent manual shots, but mostly stuck with AV and landscape, playing with angle instead. I also got a little nature photography in. A couple photos received some filtering using a post photo program.


2 thoughts on “Photo a day (7): Sunrise

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