Photo a day (6): Details and frustrations

I knew today was going to be a busy day. I figured whatever photos I would take for the project would be done on the fly. I did not know the project would also be an exercise in frustration.

This morning I went with my father to my grandmother’s house to pick up her kitchen table. She passed a couple of years ago. Another elderly relative lived there as well for a while and recently moved into an apartment. My parents are preparing to sell the house, so I thought what a great opportunity to get a few shots while my dad and I were there.

The home is old – like early 1900s old. It has some great details you won’t find in most houses built today. The two downstairs fireplaces are framed by mahogany mantels with some great reliefs carved in them.

I snapped a bunch of photos and out came blah. The light wasn’t right in the house. I used a flash and a lot of my images came out very soft, or simply out of focus. How disappointing. Still, with not a lot of time before I head into work, I went with what I have to share.

I figure with a project that will go 365 days, if I am lucky and committed enough, I will have a few (meaning many) shoots I have trouble finding redeeming.

If there was one element I was happy with during the trip, it was once again a small detail. On top of the fridge was this bobble hipped hula dancing girl in her grass skirt holding a broken ukulele.

It made me smile. My grandmother loved her knickknacks. I had to grab a few photos, more because of the subject than any photography skill, or lack there-of.

I plan on going back to the house again to so I can get better shots of the wood working. Perhaps I will take a tripod too. Any suggestions about how to deal with situations where the lighting isn’t the best, and you’d like to avoid the built-in flash would be appreciated.


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