Kind of like Christmas

My email inbox is filling with messages from the running group dealing with routes and running group clusters and generalities.

Saturday morning is the official start of group training. I’ll miss it. My schedule will shift though so I can join the group next Saturday (and hop aboard the evening run on Wednesday).

I cannot wait to see what new lessons group training has in store for me this year.

I learned a lot about myself last year — perseverance, small steps building up to big things, and the flush of meeting what I originally assumed would be an insurmountable goal. I also experience the pure joy of seeing people show up along the route and support me as I completed the task. Great memories.

This year I’m already running 13 miles comfortably (and pain-free) before training begins, as I did Thursday at a very comfortable pace (and relatively fast for me).  I’m eating better and supplementing my diet with protein shakes for strength. I have a year’s worth of experience to build upon.

The plan is to control what I can — pacing, practice, and rest — while trying to let go of what I cannot, namely injury or the unforeseen.

I’m also excitedly looking forward to forging new friendships and continuing to enjoy those I made from last year’s group. If you are new to running, or considering it, most runners I meet are driven, good people to know.

And if you aren’t sure what race you will run this coming spring, I thought I would end this post by sharing a great list of races coming up for those with a varied level of fitness going into the new year. You should go check out the Spring 2012 Marathon Guide.


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