Photo a day (5): Sacred place


Thursdays usually find me taking river roads and rural roots in Southwest Ohio. For a few weeks now I traveled past this brick church that sits just a small way off the road. It has a gravel lot and is surrounded by a cemetery divided by the road I drive.

The cornerstone on the church (actually located midway up the bell tower) is dated 1857. The grave stones in the oldest part of the cemetery are about 10 to 15 years older.

The older headstones had religious symbols or text, along with years and months, or months and days depending on how long the person lived. There were a lot of infants in that cemetery.

There were also a lot of angels standing guard over graves no matter the century the person passed away in. Some angels were worn and weathered stone, others new and made of porcelain.

I tried to mix up the type of focus I used a bit, between the AV setting, landscape, and manual. I will say most of the photos appeared a bit washed out. I definitely need to pay better attention to the F-stop, especially when it comes to time of day. I toned down the photos using some basic post editing software (which I am afraid to use because I don’t want to muck things up by constantly playing with settings, something I am prone to do with that software).


2 thoughts on “Photo a day (5): Sacred place

  1. Amazing sacred place. I love peaceful things and nature so the photo’s today really bring a sense of calm to me. Thanks

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