Photo a day (4): Wednesday photo madness

Before I get to the post proper for the fourth day of my year-long photo challenge, I wanted to thank everyone who took a moment over the past few days to like or comment on one of my photos. The feedback and “likes” are great encouragement this early on as I continue to awkwardly try to learn how to take better pictures with my camera and exercise another form of self expression.

I’d also like to state that any critiques, pointers, or photo exercises to challenge myself given by any experience photographer who finds this little blog are encouraged and welcomed. Thank you in advance . . . and now on with a rather longish post.


I opted to take a little walk around the neighborhood this afternoon with my camera for day four of a photo a day (only 361 photos to go!). Right now I am full of enthusiasm for this project and eyeballing everything for a potential photo. I’m actually sort of getting crazy with it and am getting the distinct feeling I may need to focus (no pun intended) my photography each week on (a) a particular setting I want to master and/or (b) a theme.

If today’s theme was remotely anything it involved the first running route I ever mapped out in my neighborhood. That’s where my feet took me.

On a particular six-mile run my route intersects at least three times with train tracks. Who knows what those in passing cars thought of me today as I stood near the tracks taking photos and ended up on my belly at one point for a few close-ups.

I don’t know why, but I became particularly fascinated with this one spot where the rails split in two directions. It just stood out compared to the ribbons of steel set on wood ties I suppose.

There are runs when my run and a train’s schedule conflict. I can stand a good 15 minutes or more waiting for it to pass, or if impatient, circle around the way I came to go under an overpass and run parallel to the sides of the tracks I need to be on.

If I am lucky though I get to run past this particular house that I adore. Its small backyard is a chaotic symphony of landscaping and yard art. It also has a large blue banner from the city recognizing it for neighborhood pride and improvement.

My favorite sign though is one that hangs nailed, along with a pail, to a tree near the sidewalk. I really don’t think the photo does it justice.

For some context, the neighborhood I live in is older, some parts not as nice as they once were (the community just recently battled the placement of a methadone clinic in its shopping center). The sign, as tacky as it is, seems to  be telling some less than thoughtful residents, “Here let me help you! Take some pride! Have some manners!” It brings me such giddy joy each time I pass it on a run.

And if you made it this far in my photo a day post (what a misnomer, right?) I have one more. When I got home diffused afternoon sunlight was streaming through myrice paper blinds creating a nice little scene for a photo of something. Since I had walked a run route I thought, “Why not take one last photo of something run related?” So, I grabbed the Flying Pig marathon medal each participant was given last year and decided to use that AV setting (with an F-stop of about 4.6).


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