Marathon training 2: Electric boogaloo


So, I was sitting at a red light the other day heading into work when I saw this from my car windshield – snow.

The accumulation was not much. It was more of a microburst of flurries that didn’t last too long. Boy, was it cold outside though.

As I sat there, waiting for the light to change by taking a photo, a simple thought cropped into my head – I want to run in this.

I want to feel the cold on my face. I want the slight dread of getting started and then realizing four miles in that I’m warm from my perspiration underneath all of those layers of clothing. I look forward to that mental toughness that comes with the level of dedication to be outside and moving when it is snowing and 20 degrees outside.

Ill, I know. Even a couple more dedicated and experienced runners than I (namely one ultra-marathoner in particular) said they’d rather be under covers than facing running winter weather.

Perhaps I will agree with them as the weekends of long group runs draws near. I signed back up for the running group on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

I timidly asked my boss if I could switch shifts with him for Saturdays. I actually gave up one of my rare first shifts so I can run in the morning with the group. He agreed. So, for the next few months I will work 4 p.m. to midnight or later on Friday evening, awake at 6:30 (or 6:45) to run with the group at 7:30 a.m., hopefully work in a nap, and be at work from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. Saturday night.

Oh, I also decided to run the race same race again, the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in the Spring.

My goals this year are to hopefully stay injury free and remain dedicated to an actual game plan. Last year I set huge goals of running a super-fast pace that may or may not have led to stress fractures and missed even what I would have considered a reasonable pace goal.

So this year, low and slow, that is the tempo, I hope. And when I mean slow, I mean having the discipline to hold a little back so I have enough gas (and health at the end of the race).

Last year I proved I could finish, even injured. This year will be about running smarter, and hopefully staying healthy.

(And honestly, I pray to not injure myself so I don’t have to listen to more of the somewhat annoying comments I am getting because I am doing this again. Around family the mantra is, “Oh, yeah, Brian’s running the marathon again so he can break his leg.” Ugh.)

So, here is hoping for a solid year of running. And winter weather, be ready. Here I come.


4 thoughts on “Marathon training 2: Electric boogaloo

    • bearrunner, it definitely can be no fun. Luckily the snow is rather sparse. The only times the weather ever bothered me was when it was -2 degrees outside one morning — get this — when we finished our run at 10 a.m. It was much colder when we started. The other time was when it was just warm enough to rain and not snow. Being wet at 38 degrees is miserable.

  1. WInter arrived in Philadelphia one day AFTER hockey’s Winter Classic left town. Ironic. It is below freezing for a high temp today and that’s the first time we’ve come close to that area since last…well…winter. We’ve been spoiled this year so far and no scene’s like the one pictured here. Just north of us (Reading) got 5 inches prior to Halloween but even they have been “bare” since. Not looking forward to driving in it once it arrives…but running in it would be cool…um, cold.

    • Sp, agreed on the winters being mild. This was our worst so far too. Friday’s forecast is calling for temps in the 50s again. And good luck with the job search!

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