A photo a day: Day One

The Genius of Water

 So, I just posted a post about running, my commitment to it, and my plan to run the Pig again in the Spring.

Being a new year it is time to push myself to try something else too . . . something I usually fail miserably at.

Last year the failure was committing to a post a day and doing the the National Novel Writing Month challenge again.

This year the creative, and I hope not planned failure, is posting a picture a day. One. picture. a. day. I plan to do it either with camera phone or my DLS.

I plan to theme weeks, or not. I plan on really, really committing to doing this, because honestly, there are so many photo worthy things I see every day.

And it sounds like fun. So, we’ll see what comes of this silly resolution to be creative regularly.

The photo today is actually two. I work in downtown Cincinnati. The top photo I see every time I go to grab a bite for lunch. The lovely lady, arms out-stretched below a gray sky is The Genius of Water  fountain on Fountain Square.

I know I am not a true photographer, but I thought the angle on such an overcast day was nice. And my pic of the day was between this and the street photo to the left. Walking down the sidewalk, surrounded by people on New Year’s Day going to see our hometown Cincinnati Bungles, I mean Bengals play, the nice repetition of signage on Fourth street struck me on the way back to the office.

So, there. I made my day one goal, plus one.


3 thoughts on “A photo a day: Day One

  1. Well, in spite of the Owner and Marvin Lewis the Bengals managed to make the post-season. I am very happy for that and for all Cincy fans. I do like the team they have assembled now for the most part. I wish for the continued success with their season…as well as your running and photo seasons to start out the New Year.

  2. Thanks for the positive comments. Just read through your blog and I like what you’ve had to say about divisions, play-offs, everything in between. As far as the Bengals . . . morale in this city is sooo low. Half-filled stadium during a winning season, minus the last game that was partially filled by some gimmicky give away deals, and a total disgust with owner Mike Brown and family. It will be interesting to see if this trend can be broken. And yeah, I like Green and Dalton too. No drama, no characters, just some good ball.

  3. The Bengals have been one of my favorite “subjects” for awhile now. I struggle with their ownership much as I do the hometown Eagles’. Since I am currently looking for full-time work…I may very well be heading “West” for some of that world famous Cincy Chili in the not-to-distant future. Maybe I’ll ask to talk to Mike Brown so I can give him some “tips.” Who knows – he might want someone to help him get back the fan base!

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